Monday 5/25/2015

To those who courageously gave their lives; To those who bravely fight today; And to the families left behind… Thank you! 8:00 am Strength Workout: SWOD: – Deadlifts – 3 reps per minute for 15 minutes @ 85-90% TBW or @ LPW MetCon: “Mini-Cindy” 10 minute AMRAP of: – 5 pullups – 10 pushups – more »

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Friday 5/22/2015

SWOD: – Snatches 4 x 3 @ 85% TBW or Linear progression weight followed by – Snatch pulls MetCon 5 rounds for time AND weight of: – 4 Turkish get-ups (2/side; 16/12 kg) – 4 Renegade rows (3-count) – 4 Pullups

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Thursday 5/21/2015

MetCon: “Kettlebell Hell” Tabata Intervals (20 seconds work/10 seconds rest repeated 8 times) applied in turn to: – Front squat – Double clean-and-jerk – Alternating floor press – Bent-over rows with a one-minute rotation break between exercises. (24/16 kg) Compare results to 7/23/2013 and 2/12/2014 SWOD: – Bench press 3×3(+) @ 90% TBW or 3×5(+) more »

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Coach's Notes

“Good pain” vs “bad pain” vs “taupe”

The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis of the 1930s proposed the theory that our brains are unable to think about a concept we don’t have a word for. While time has shown this to be a bit of an exaggeration, there is a large element of truth to it. In 2006, Winawer et. al. showed that our names more »

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Help us conquer childhood cancer

Help DEFY! conquer Childhood Cancer with St. Baldrick’s! http://www.stbaldricks.org/participants/mypage/670360/2014 I have signed up with the St. Baldrick’s Organization to get my head shaved to raise money for Children’s Cancer Research. Please help me help them in this great cause by donating! The easiest way to donate is to go to my page on the St. more »

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Yeah, I’m not a “Fit Mom” either

Marci Warhaft-Nadler published a blog on Huffington Post talking about why she didn’t want to be a fit mom anymore, and why she resents the implication in Maria Kang’s “What’s your excuse” poster that not wanting that makes her a failure. Some of the comments were supportive, but there were a number of them that more »

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