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Friday 8/28/2015

7 rounds on 5 minute starts: – Back squats – 5 reps at LPW or 8 reps at 65% TBW followed immediately by – 40 meter sled push Score is cumulative time for all rounds of sled push

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Thursday 8/27/2015

SWOD: – Shoulder press 3×5(+) at Linear Progression Weight (LPW) or 3×3(+) at 90% Training Basis Weight (TBW) OR MetCon: “DEFY! Stations” 3 rounds x 1-minute stations of: – Wallball (20/14 lbs) – Slamball (20/15 lbs) – Box jumps (20/16″) – Situps – Ring rows No rest between stations;1 minute rest between rounds Score is the more »

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Wednesday 8/26/2015

SWOD – Level 1: Front squats or goblet squats 3×5 – Level 2: Clean pulls 3×5 – Level 3: Power cleans 3×3 – Level 4: Cleans 3×3 @ LPW – Level 5: Cleans 3×3 @ 80% TBW followed by – hang cleans – sets of 3 MetCon: 8-minute EMOM of: – 8 pushups followed by more »

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Coach's Notes

Coach’s thoughts on depression

I’m going to say at the outset that this isn’t really about finding a solution for depression. It’s really growing out of a number of conversations I’ve had where just knowing that I’m not the only one going through it has helped in some way, and seems to have helped the friend I was talking more »

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Turn the flywheel

In his book Good to Great , Jim Collins spends quite a bit of time talking about the idea that there is no one major effort, or idea, or moment that makes a company great, but rather a consistent series of efforts, all dedicated toward the same general set of goals. Collins calls this “The more »

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Even the Grand Canyon is temporary

Last Thursday, my father and I hiked the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim. It was amazingly beautiful, and completely redefined the word “Grand” for me. More profoundly, I experienced a wonderful feeling of impermanence. Transitory existence. And it felt so very RIGHT. Everything disappears. Nothing is forever. As Mark Rippetoe would say, “This, of course, made me more »

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